Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, 1 Troy Ounce - Back Dates

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Size 1 Troy oz
Purity .9999 Fine Gold
Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, 1 Troy Ounce - Back Dates

Quick Overview

The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin is pure 24 karat gold and is one troy ounce in total weight . It is of the same quality as the American Gold buffalo coin and as such is the purest gold that money can buy. The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf bullion gold coin is considered a “non-circulating” bullion coin which means that it is not used as legal tendered but the coins weight value in gold far exceeds its stamped $50 dollar value. The coin is simple in design but is truly beautiful to the eye. This design was 1st released in 1979 and it is available in Gold, Silver, platinum and palladium. The Silver Maple is sold in 500 coin sealed boxes just like the American Eagle. Also, in limited quantities, the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) also makes a fractional gold maple leaf in 1/4,1/2 ounce size coin which we occasional will have in stock. We strongly recommend that you handle this coin with great care as it is made of pure gold and can be damaged very easily. We have also found that over the past few years that the Gold and Silver Maple Leaf coin is very popular in the EU due to its purity.