Refiners and Recyclers

Refiners and Recyclers

Features that we offer our Recyclers and Refiners with our Hedging System include;

  • Tight spreads-aggregated liquidity provided by Global banks through our Dynamic Quoting Engine
  • Live streaming tradable pricing
  • Central point of price discovery, price transparency and risk management all in one place plus your controller has a “hot portal “ for daily transactions
  • Gives participants the ability to lock in spreads on inventory or product you don’t own but have orders for thereby reducing business risk
  • Hedge to the exact ounce 24 hours a day
  • Offers hedging via live London Spot prices , we don’t charge for live feed
  • Platform is free to use, and margin requirements are very low * See example below
  • Simple to use, live screen share instruction on request
  • Available 24/6

Benefits of using the Tornado Precious Metals Trading System for Dealers are;

  • Makes the banks compete on pricing for your business, which means you save money
  • You can buy or sell in very deep markets on the price instantaneously, which eliminates costly delays
  • Everything required for price mitigation is in one place, which means you save time
  • Largely eliminates price risk thus protecting profit margins
  • Gives unlimited flexibility in tailoring risk management needs, which allows heightened hedging granularity, which means there is no tail to manage, which lessens risk
  • We use our plug and play platform which means you use our API so no development costs for the start-up of a hedge program
  • No last trading days or deliveries, which means you can focus on hedging instead of futures norms
  • Disaster relief backup for companies that must have a disaster plan in place for a secondary location thereby eliminating stock holders litigation potential.
  • Leverage at 100:1 for gold, silver, platinum and palladium enables a lower startup cost for your hedge program and not the large amount of margin that futures require. 
  • Easily deployed to your sales force or retail outlets-private label versions available, which means your team can hedge at the point of sale under your own logo 
  • Trade from your desktop or iPad or from your iPhone, Blackberry or Samsung, which allows you to hedge from your office, dock, receiving yard or on the road, which means added convenience to reduce risk.

Utilizing Tornado allows for operation risk management with diversification not only from your present clearing firm but also from futures as an asset class. Tornado allows you to hedge to the exact ounce so you have no storage tail to concern yourself with.*Comex silver futures (5000 TOZ) are margined at approximately $8,000.00 while margin for 5,000 ounces of silver on Tornado is about $800.00 which is a huge saving to your company’s equity flow. Also we could provide you live pricing on your website.

About Zaner:
For the past 25 years, Zaner has been helping Refiners, Recyclers, coin and bullion dealers, spot hedgers, futures, commodity and forex traders trade smarter, faster and easier. Zaner is an established, highly regarded award-winning execution and brokerage firm known for providing clients with exceptional service. We have been CFTC registered and an NFA member since 1982, and throughout the years have forged exclusive, custom relationships with multi-billion dollar partners. Which means you access opportunities from cutting-edge technology, memberships on the world's major exchanges, execution desks on all the world's premier trading floors, and operations in more than 14 countries.